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Swim analysis dates for 2017

Sunday 13th August

Sunday 3rd Sept

As previously, my aim during the session will be to provide specific drills and insight into the key areas for you to work on.

You should be able to swim 400m+ freestyle and spaces will continue to be limited to six people to ensure you get the most from the time we have together.

Swim analysis Sunday 19 June

There is a place going on Sunday for video analysis of your swim at David Lloyd Chorley £90 from 1pm - 5pm if you want it let Martin Cain know ASAP.

Time Trials for 2016

Please see the enclosed PDF from Marin listing local cycling time trials with links to entry. Time trials can be a great way to add to yor training and are good for event preparation so get a few booked!


Glossop Kinder Velo also organise some local events including a summer time trial serias and an autumn hill climb series.


Open Water Swim Sessions

Rather than just plodding away in open water sessions Kath has come up with some ideas how you can not only spice things up but also make your training more beneficial. This is also available to download as a PDF if you wish to print it and take it with you - Open Water Sessions

Open Water Sessions





750 lap @ CSS

400 lap recovery

Sight every 6 strokes out and 9 strokes back

Practice using least headlift possible to reduce drag but with accurate sighting


Tuesday evening chain gang

On Tuesday evenings we are going to try a chain gang loop around Mossley going from Copley at 18:30 with a run off the back. If there are enough we'll look at splitting the group into two.

Please let Martin know if you fancy it.

Tri Guru does Drills

So there it is, Monday evening and what’s on the swim menu – drills! There’s something for everyone and there’s likely to be something special for you too, depending on where your area of improvement may be…..

I’m sure you already know that drills are really important. They break down the stroke into bite size chunks and provide us with the opportunity to think about what we’re doing especially when we isolate a certain part of the stroke such as the catch or kick. I can’t recommend them highly enough and it’s important that when you practice you’re practicing mindfully and well

Here’s a flavour of what we’ve been working on and why.

Hand Entry

New training programme

Hello all,


I hope you all had great easter weekend and  have eaten loads of chocolate.

The new timetable starts this week with the spin session tomorrow with a run off the back of it, you have the option of 1 5K (ish) loop or 2 loops 10K(ish) the track sessions will start next Monday not tonight.

See you all tomorrow!!


Training Session vs Rest Day – What should you do?

Recognising and preventing over training is essential to athletic performance. Over training is more than normal fatigue. Overtraining is a gradual process, it does not happen overnight. It may be that the person starts to have technique issues, their performance may decline, onset of persistent joint niggles and muscle soreness, decrease in appetite, more highly susceptible to colds, lethargy, irritable and restless sleep are all signs of overtraining. You may think I am just talking about professional athletes and that the ‘weekend athlete’ or the young upcoming athletes are not susceptible to overtraining, but you are.