Open Water Swim Sessions

Rather than just plodding away in open water sessions Kath has come up with some ideas how you can not only spice things up but also make your training more beneficial. This is also available to download as a PDF if you wish to print it and take it with you - Open Water Sessions

Open Water Sessions





750 lap @ CSS

400 lap recovery

Sight every 6 strokes out and 9 strokes back

Practice using least headlift possible to reduce drag but with accurate sighting


c.300 steady, 50 fast

Use the 750 lap and sprint between short buoys


10 mins @ CSS+5secs pace

5 mins sight every 6 strokes

10 mins increase kick on every short buoy

5 mins sight every 9 strokes

Faster kick can be used to help accelerate past competitors so practice feet being like motor boat propeller


15 strokes fast

15 strokes easy

Remainder of 750 lap cruise

Cruise should feel aerobic, like you could go on at this pace for a long time


20 strokes with fast kick

20 strokes easy

20 strokes build

20 strokes fast kick

Remainder of 750 lap cruise

Build – imagine you can see a swimmer ahead of you and you want to surge bringing in the kick then helps you catch their draft


750 @ CSS

400 with good kick

750 build

400 with good kick

750 build

400 with good kick

750 @ CSS

This should be a tough workout, so make sure you work hard!


20 strokes fast tempo

20 strokes easy with strong kick

30 strokes fast tempo

20 strokes cruise

Remainder of 750 lap recovery

When you increase tempo the idea is to swim ‘fast’ as opposed to ‘hard’. i.e. you are looking for an increase in speed to drop competitors around you