Illegal drafting on a training run

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tiger lyons
Illegal drafting on a training run


craig, cole , gummers, Keith and myself are on a long bike ride on Saturday up hills, up hills, down hills and up hills. We were hoping to bump into Mr Stafford et al, but they were in Java coffee shop. Anyway, I digress. Cole and I embarked on a run down the canal, which was great,until two people out for a Saturdy stroll on their mountain bikes came past us. This was not a problem until Cole decided to draft them, increasing his pace, unbelievably. IS ThIS LEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!

I'llegal drafting

This is dissapointing Cole - you are the custordian of our youth; setting standards,, raising the bar, lighting the way etc etc


#poorexampletoset  #shouldhereallybeateacher?

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