Bloody Car Drivers

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Bloody Car Drivers

What was still a really enjoyable early season ride out to Alderley Edge and back was almost overshadowed by yet more moronic car driving today.

Whether its the weather? the time of year? or the early moring after the night before? I don't know but we have at least half a dozen incidents this morning, culminating in Magic crashing into a car which pulled out right in front of him.

Martin, has injured his shoulder and was understandably shook up by it. More worryingly on the back of; Martin Cain, Dom, Sarnie & Rothy last year it means that almost 50% of the usual riders have been knocked off in a 12 month period. A scary thought.

Fortunately, perhaps with the exception of Dom, its led to little more than bumps and bruises - fingers crossed it stays that way.


When I was being scooped up

When I was being scooped up in to the ambulance I was struggling to understand how I'd not been seen on a sunny day. Since then I have decided I'm going to use a front light at all times in the hope that it will get a bit more attention. Not foolproof but it may have helped the driver in my case to realise I was there.

I am in same boat had hi viv

I am in same boat had hi viv jacket on etc, been looking on line now looking for hi viz helmet in team triguru colours of course  i was going along the light on the front as well but work have taken my blue flashing one off me :(


Hi Martin

We have finally registered on the website, as you know we are not techys, so don't do facebook or Twitter either.

Hope you are OK and on the mend, its bloody scary out there, even as a passenger watching how some drivers don't even acknowledge a bike.


Lorraine x

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Hi Lorraine, hope you are well. Nightmare for me as I have been having to cook my own tea!!! silly old man driving his car obviously does not realise the knock on effects of causing a crash.

Fingers crossed Martyn is on the mend soon.  Told him to try out the vacuum cleaner as this will strengthen his sore shoulder! xx


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