Stretch of the Week

Week 3 Back Stretches

Ok, so we’ve stretched our ankles and our shoulders/lats in the last two weeks, this time, let’s concentrate on our backs;


Here’s a few different stretches I like to do that promote mobility and flexibility… goes;


Streamlining and shoulders

This time we’re looking at being able to draw your shoulder blades back, stretch yourself tall, encourage your elbows to be by your ears and your hands to sit on top of one another, to improve the position you’re in when streamlining off the wall.


You may think that’s all well and good but to be honest I don’t care about being streamlined off the wall, there’s no walls in open water! I accept this point BUT……here’s the thing;


An Intro to “Stretch of the Week”

For a lot of us, stretching is, well, stretching and something we set to one side in the interests of completing a set or heading to the shower. When we run a hill sprint, cycle a time trial or swim 18x100, we feel the energy flowing through us and equate results to the time spent physically exerting our bodies.
We've all been told time and time again that stretching is very important – but if you’re anything like me you may find it hard to commit to actually doing it!