Well Done Jon Kerr!!

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tiger lyons
Well Done Jon Kerr!!

Well Done to one of our members Jon Kerr who completed the Slateman Savage at the weekend.

Any chance of a race report Jon? How did you tackle the Saturday sprint and then the Sunday full distance?

Did the Saturday take a lot out of you on the Sunday or did you feel OK?


Great effort and it will stand you in good stead for the season!!


Have you entered the sandman and snowman savage?



Jon Kerr
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Sandman Savage

Mr Lyons,

I hold you wholly responsible for my entry to the Sandman Savage and I am not sure how I ever may forgive you ;-)

First of all this was my first ever open water competition & full distance triathlon so it was going to be interesting one way or another.

I admit that the smile at the start of the weekend rapidly descended into a grimace halfway round the 11km trail run on the second day as the efforts of the sprint on the Saturday caught up with me.

The transitions - particularly from swim to bike - were bobbins due to needing to get wet weather gear on.

On each day the open water swim was blooming awful especially with the water temperature being 12 degrees as I struggled to get into any rhythm and the weather on each day wasn't conducive to speedy biking either - hail stones on Sunday near the middle of the 51km road ride was pants.

I did meet some great competitors on my way round the course & have developed a healthy respect for those people who can chat & run at the same time as I was struggling to breathe up the hills.

It has all been a valuable lesson learned and it will teach me for going a bit giddy with entering multiple events without thinking things through.

I am entered into the Sandman Savage in September.

Competing on your own whilst being away for the whole weekend & on my birthday on the Sunday wasn't ideal.

Roll on Ripon Triathlon in July with a load of the Team TriGuru crew all taking part!!

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