UK Ultra marathons Brecon or Hadrian's Wall .... any takers?

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UK Ultra marathons Brecon or Hadrian's Wall .... any takers?

Found this link & it interested me ....

Any1 done it or know any1 who has done it? Äs an ultra it looks ''good'' & local-ish .. with me never having done an ultra (just 2 IMs), it would make it a bigger challenge for me, still do-able tho' In 2016 there were 500+ finshers, with the slowest around 24 hours

Was also looking at Brecon in November too, hillier & shorter.


I know somebody who did The

I know somebody who did The Wall this year. The impression I got is that they were a bit disappointed that so much of the route was on road and not that close to the wall itself. Other than that, I think they found it a good event. 

The Beacons has a good variety of terrain. The two lap format can be a bonus or a head wobbler, depending on your point of view or mood on the day!


did one called round ripon 35 last year good event normally in October a lot of it off road as well.   ended up doing 38 miles in end as my map reading wasnt great however we ran with loads of diffrent people who new the route

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Yep, I reckon the Beacons

Yep, I reckon the Beacons would be a good event for me to start with, 2 laps I'm good with, weather could be a good leveller too. I know some of the TriGuru did this last year.

Whilst Google 'browsing' found a 56 miler  'hike' based around the Peak District, the ''Smithy Bullock Hike'' . Looks low key, self sufficient & 'do-able. Any1 done this or know any1 who has?

Maybe give the Hadrian's Wall a miss, as the scenery & off road element was going to be a big plus ... aside from the big step up in distance etc.

Thanks for the replies, keep ém coming, all welcome.



Bullock Smithy

I know a few who have done this too (several times) and have said it's a cracker. Well worth getting out round the route beforehand as you will be doing some of it in the dark. It's a bit close if you fancy doing it this year, so not much time to prepare but plenty if you are aiming for next year you have plenty of time.

I know some of the gurus

I know some of the gurus missd out on Brecon last year and may look to do it.

Put a request on Triguru facebook see who is interested

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Thanks as always for replies.

Thanks as always for replies.

Brecon looks good, will ask around the TriGurus for any interest for this year & put up a Facebk post.

I think Smithy Bullock looks possible as a hike rather than a run... did a 10 mile amble arund Jacobs Ladder & Kinder Scout yesterday, no  major probs, but the weather was ''kind''. 

Any1 tried this event? The Gritstine Grind, 32 miles in 12 hours, local around Disley/Stockport. straight route

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hahaha ... Gritstone is full

hahaha ... Gritstone is full this year, popular event :-)

I'm in the Gritstone, not

I'm in the Gritstone, not done it before but I'll let you know what I think in a couple of weeks time!

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Smashing, thanks for that.

Smashing, thanks for that. Will be interested to hear how the Grtistone unfolds.

Until my niggly achilles tendon is sorted am probably just going to do some shorter hillier 10km ish events, like the Cancer Research 'Tough 10".

Have asked a few TriGurus & not much interest this year in the Brecon.

The freebie pocket sized RunABC is a goldmine if event info etc.

David Bunyan
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Hi, I think Alison & Chris

Hi, I think Alison & Chris Blackshaw showed interest in Brecon as they missed out last year so check with them. My right MTB joint is worn out so wont be doing any more hilly Ultra runs as need to stay on the flat until the toe gives up completely !

Gritstone Grind

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed the event on Sunday. The route has a lot of variety on it, canal, hills, woods, good trails, rocky bits, mudbaths and short sections of country roads. It was mostly easy to navigate, just follow the Gritstone Trail makers. The three checkpoints were well stocked with a good variety of sweet and savoury snacks and the volunteers were great. Lovely atmosphere with loads of friendly talk between participants and there were supporters out on the course in a few places.

Organisation was very good without being overbearing. The rules were to "Stay safe and have fun!"

I really liked the fact that it was linear so it felt like we were actually going somewhere!. We parked at the finish in Disley and then were shuttled to the start in Kidsgrove by coach (all included in the low entry fee).

Hightly recommended. They do other events too so I'll be looking at some of them in the future.

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Sounds like a good event,

Sounds like a good event, that'll be why it fills so quick! If anything similar is organised pls post on the forum & Fbook. Cheers

Here are some others I have

Here are some others I have done before that are not so far away and a good day out with plenty of food at the checkpoints and end.

South Pennine 24 from Dovestone

The Hebden 22 from Mytholmroyd

Marsden Moors Meander

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