Ripon Triathlon 01/07/2017

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David Bunyan
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Ripon Triathlon 01/07/2017

Hello everyone,

For those who were at the meeting on Sunday and for those who had better things to do with thier time,it was generally agreed that the Ripon Triathlon should be considered as the Team TriGuru Olympic distnce event of the year because its one of the best weekends in the triathlon calendar.


The date is 01/07/2017 and this year it is also the Triathlon England Natiomnal Standard Distance championships (Age Groups).  This means that the event will fill up much quicker than last year so if you want to join us and make it a great team event please consider booking on the event now.


Myself & janet have booked and also booked camping on the Friday night & Race day Saturday night too as we did last year.

Emily Bunyan will be doing the KIds Triathlon on the Sunday morning & its a great venue for them and highly recommended.

If you have any questions about the event please contact me.


Dave Bunyan.

Jon Kerr
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Ripon triathlon 1st July 2017


I have even booked camping for the night after the race to "unwind" and cheer on the juniors on the Sunday.

Go Team TriGuru!!!

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Have booked on today too.

Have booked on today too. Camping over on Sat (with my 3 room Tri tent: sleep, bike & gear) to rehydrate etc. Then awake to a relaxing Sunday to cheer on the juniors.

Were there any other triathlons planned with camping for next season?

David Bunyan
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Allerthorpe Triathlon

Hi Sully,

We did Allerthorpe last year and camped over. It was an enjoyable Olympic distance and reat weekend camping , water sports walks etc. We cant do it this year as clashes with another event but highly recommended. Have a look at the team entry schedule sent out by Suzanne to see if anyone has or intends to book on it.


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