Physio contact details (running injury)

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Physio contact details (running injury)

Hello All,

I'm looking for details of any recommended phyiso. Preferably in the local ish (Ashton, Staly, Hyde areas), but anywhere else will do too.

Before I go looking on the internet, I wanted to use a proven practioner.

My niggly achilles tendon "ínjury" isn't healing itself, despite reduced training & optimism.

Did have a chat with the physio team who suported the Tour of Tameside, but I think they're based towards Salford area. Do-able but would prefer closer to this side of the city/county.

All replies gratefully received,



Athlete Matters/South

Athlete Matters/South Manchester Sports Injury Clinic are the best I know. Bit of a drive but worth it.

Jon Kerr
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Physio Team Works in Top Mossley

The physio here - Dave Carter - has kept me going for donkey's years during my rugby days and now in my traithlete days.

He is a triathlete himself so understands the rigours and the need to recover sufficiently from injury to compete again.

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Thanks Dominic & Jon for the

Thanks Dominic & Jon for the recommendations & leads, I'll check them out.

David Bunyan
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Hi Brian,


We use Glynis 07763007649, you wont be dissapointed & lives in Godley near our own house.

Regards Dave Bunyan


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Thanks Dave for the info, I

Thanks Dave for the info, I'll try & give her a call.

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Quick update: Injury sorted &

Quick update: Injury sorted & resolved. I went to Dave Carter at . A block of 6 sessions, in their compact clinic at Top Mossley, using a top notch machine (tiny ballbearing in a stylus impacting ,1000s times per min, on the tendon) & physio massages. Along with exercises to do at home etc. cured the injury. Not 100%, but very very close, with the exercies to given it shouldn't flare up again. Have resumed the run & cycle training, along with a few early season events :-)

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