Cycle and Millbrook Monster tonight

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David Bunyan
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Cycle and Millbrook Monster tonight

Hello All, Sorry for short notice but just organised  a meet in Copley car park at 5. 45 tonight ready to cycle for 6 pm sharp. The bike will be up horse and Jockey turn left and ride to Dobb cross, turn right at mini roundabout and go back to Uppermill past the garden centre, then through Greenfiled , then turn right at round about and go back to Copley. Takes around 1 hr  to 1 hr 15 mins dependng on traffic and wind.

Then its a run round Millbrook Monster, takes around 1 hour to 1 hr 15.

Then sauna and shower !

All welcome but let me know if you are coming as I will need to make allownaces for you or me time and ability wise !!


Regards Robinson Crusoe (Dave Bunyan minority forum user group)