Swim set last Friday night at Copley.

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David Bunyan
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Swim set last Friday night at Copley.

So there I was concerned that I was giving up my swim set in Stockport which have been great, to try out the first Friday night session at Copley. I need not have been concerned as it was a great set and perfectly paced by Kath Thomas who also began the rebuilding process of my poor swim technique which was great to receive as in my opinion there is no point is swimming hundreds of poor technique miles when you can use these sessions to get as much coaching as possible over the winter months as this is an ideal time to concentrate on getting it right and building confidence and fitness.I certainly felt it was a testing set, cant wait for the next one!

Great turnout and  I can recommend the swim sets for those who have not attended to date.We may need another lane or two if everyone starts to show. Just remember that Active Tameside members can book on line and will take preference. Me and janet joined this week and have been very pleased with the classes and facilities with only a couple of tweakes required to some of the sessions.

Thanks again Dave, will pass

Thanks again Dave, will pass on your comments to Kath who is also enjoying her new position within the club.

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the drill and technique side of the session as we will be doing more, this forms the basis of a good swim technique over all and ultimately is what will bring your times down.

Don't forget the core sessions as these are a great way of improving core strength and improving your position in the water. You will feel the benefit in all 3 disciplines whilst improving your 6 packsmiley.

David Bunyan
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Swim Set Friday 16th January Copley 7.00pm.

Another great set last night which was was well attended again. This set was stamina based at 80% to 85% controlled effort, designed to concentrate on tecqnique and swimming smooth & trying to keep your form when you  get tired. It felt more like 90% to 95% once we made the turn for home after doing 10 of 20 x100 meters on 2mins and or similar for the other two lanes.

Dont know about you but there is already a growing buzz ,team spirit coming through in theses sessions as I noticed some were tired after a heavy weeks training but  they still gave it 100%, well done Triguru great to see you going for it!

Special mention to Chris Blackshaw who is struggling with a hip problem but he looked like he was swimming really well last night despite not being able to push off the walls very well.Fair credt Chris, well done.

Also good to see so many of you improving in the water.

Kath told me to bring the swim toys for Mondays session at Dukinfiled , fins and pull boy etc if you have them as she is doing some technique work.


Dave Bunyan Self appointed team motivator for the week !


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