Parkrun Woodbank park last saturday.

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David Bunyan
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Parkrun Woodbank park last saturday.

Hello All, Me & Steve tried out our first Parkrun @ Woodbank park on an icy cold saturday morning. The ice meant the organisers had to cut out the steep decents and made a circular route round the park x5 laps with a small diversion through mud under one large tree due to ice. It was great to do a 5K at higher tempo than normal. The turnout was 140 odd with wide ranging runners and joggers. really nice atmosphere. I shot off behind the leading group and once again reality hit home as the leading ten or so sailed off into the distance. I held the Lyon king off until midway thorugh the third lap when he breezed past me and as usaul I decided I would take him over the last 400 meters or so , once again no real kick finish for me as was blowing just to keep the 4.30 ish pace. Steve finished 18th overall in 22.43 and me 24th and 23: 22. The email link followed providing great stats etc including race time ,postion and age group finishes and world average stats.  Will definately do some more when they fit in between me and Janet fighting for traing time. Hope you can join us for some park runs soon.

craig morgan1
Dave, I have been running at

Dave, I have been running at the Oldham park races , but will probably try Woodbank if you guys start to go along . There is also a good run organised on a Sunday morning at Debdale Park, Denton. This is organisied by " GREAT LOCAL RUN ". they normally only get around 30 runners, but it gives you the option of running on a Sunday Morning. You have to register on the website and get a wrist band which then gives you a finish time straight after the run. A lot of people turn up and run without wrist band, but you are not shown in the results.  

David Bunyan
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OK Noted Craig

Hi Craig, Ok its good to know about the Sunday runs. I pulled a calf muscle last week so missed last weeks Park run in Stockport and tried it today on a 1 hr 30 jogg but still tight so will have to miss for xmas period but will be getting on the mountain bike soon. Will post when I can schedule some rides in.

tiger lyons
Sat 20th December

Hi Everyone,


Just to let you know that on Saturday, the woodbank parkrun shall be attended by myself and a couple of other Tri Guru-ites.

Dont forget Winter miles = Summer smiles!!

It starts at 9 and I shall be there from 8.45. Just post on here if you are going!



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