Newbie swimmer at Dukinfield

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Jon Kerr
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Newbie swimmer at Dukinfield

Thank you for making me feel welcome as well as out of my depth ( if you will pardon the pun ) this evening at Dukinfield. It was my first time in the pool for many months and boy did I know it!

Technique WILL improve over time and apologies to Gill for getting in her way a few times before cramp set in.

Onwards and upwards.


David Bunyan
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Hi Jon, 

Hi Jon, 

You did well considering you were thrown in at the deep end as Mondays are usually used for Technique but you ended up with the Critical swim speed test. I bet you will be the best improver next time!

Pretty daunting but fair doos you did your best.

Welcome and hope to see you at the swimming sessions again soon.


Dave Bunyan (Old Guy who thinks he is better than he is!)


You had a good session Jon,

You had a good session Jon, glad you enjoyed it. As Dave says you will see massive improvements just as the vast majority of us have.

Keep it up!!

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