MYZONE Heart Rate monitors

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David Bunyan
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MYZONE Heart Rate monitors

Hello All,

Just want to tell you that I purchased a myzone heart rate monitor for the sessions at Tamedide active.When you go on the Myzone website you register your belt then input you details including age weight dob etc etc. the system uses a basic 220 - age to give you a maximum heart rate so for example my own works like this 220-52 = 168. When you join a spinning session for example the system picks your monitor up as you join enter the room. The sessions work through the various heart rate zones low to high red being the top heart rate range. I found it very dificult to get into these top zones for the first two weeks and infact bust a gut trying. I told David & Mike that some thing was wrong but they were not having it. I persisted and gave my monitor to Sean Stafford who also could not get into the red zone so Mike checked it for me after the session and found that the system had spiked and set my heart rate at 198 not 168.

The message is please make sure you check that your heart rate is set properly or you will either be training to a schedule you canot meet and possibly over train in a session and or under train if your heart rate is lower than it should be,& in my opinion defeats the object. Mike is the man to talk to if you want to check your monitor.

I used my monitor on Thursday in the bike session and hit 92% of the zones while previous efforts averages around 65% to 70%.I am now confident that I can train within my limits nice & safe.

Message from Steve Lyons: better still arrange for a personal maximum heart rate test. I am going to do my own this weekend.

Hope this is of interest.

Regards  Dave Bunyan