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Janet Bunyan
Membership reminder!

Hello all.  Just wanted to remind you that 2015 membership fees are now overdue!  If you havent already paid, can you please let me have the appropriate fee as soon as possible but definitely before the end of February 2015.

If you are thinking of becoming a new member and want further information, you can email me at [email protected]

The membership form and details of cost can be found on the membership tab on this web site.

I will be at Copley each evening this week, except for Wed and Sun if you want to give me your membership money.



craig morgan1
Hi Janet,

Hi Janet,


I have just paid transferred the membership money in to the club account.


I will drop off the membership form this weekend.


Thanks Craig

Matthew Oldham
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membership money

I'm coming to the Friday Swm, I'll definately bring my forms and cash along. Sorry for the delay.



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