Iron Man Distance training for Roth 20th July 2014

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David Bunyan
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Iron Man Distance training for Roth 20th July 2014

Hello Team Triguru,

I am starting a 30 week Iron man distance trainng programme on Monday 2nd December. As last year I am going to use Don Fink Compettive program which starts with the "Base traing Phase" Weeks 1-10. If anyone wants  do join me on any of the sessions this would be great, just let me know if you are interested and if so I will let you know my weekly schedules so tha you can plan your schedules around it.  I will be using the recommended swim sets on a monday night at Stockport Central. I didnt use them last year as we were doing our own thing on Mondays but we now have a much more structured swimming schedule now which includes a coached session on friday night at Stockport with Stuart.I will be slightly increasing the running intensity in most of the sets as I am currently injury free so I want to make the most of it while the sun shines, other than this I will be sticking to the plan although Friday nights in the pool is now "full on" with Stuart!

Regards Dave Bunyan