Hills run on Saturday Multi Terrain from Copley 2.00PM

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David Bunyan
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Hills run on Saturday Multi Terrain from Copley 2.00PM

I am meeting Gummers at 2.00pm on Satrurday outside Copley to do the 13 mile hilly run loop which we have been doing for the last few weeks.

If anyone wants to join us then no problem just let me know well in advance so that I can place you with similar standard runners and with someone who knows the route.

We dont wait around for people as this is training, not socialising,  so if you dont want to work hard then this runs is not for you, maybe a walk down for the paper would be more appropriate.

The run is as tough and includesa loop around Milbrooke monster at the end on the run. Bring plenty of fluids and energy replacement and off road shoes.Trail shoes are recommended and a wind proof top as it can get cold on the tops.

My phone number is 07979240921 if you want to discuss.


Regards Dave Bunyan a member of the Triguru forum minority user group.

tiger lyons
Bunyany is a legend

Love your posts David.

Are people allowed to bring ski walking poles if they are struggling with the pace???

Gonna be a big season for you this year!! I can see the hunger in your eyes!!

Time for the GURU cycle crew to make an appearance!!!!!!!!





Bike saturday mornings with a 10k run off it?

David Bunyan
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Trecking poles are allowed fro training support!

Yes Mr Lyons, when you hit 50 next year you will also be needing your own poles to get up the hills, however as you are on fire with your running enjoy it while you can and best of luck for Friday night, we hope its not too cold and your batteries dont let you down in the pitch black dead of night on the moors. Watch out for the Black Widow as there has been some sightings recently up on the tops.  Don,t look into her eyes as you will fall under her spell and be haunted for the rest of your days.

Seriously , good luck to you Dominic ,Sam and crew on your 46 mile overnighter.












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