Firefighters Duathlon

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Firefighters Duathlon

As you know the course for this years Firefighters Duathlon has changed. There will be a Sunday morning ride on 26th January to ride the new course and see what its like. We will transport bikes there in Vans (leaving Tameside at circa 8.00am) and then do a couple of laps of the course before returning.


Probably be back for lunchtime.


Post on the forum or contact Sean or Ian Howarth if you are interested in coming along.



Where is the duathlon?

How far will the ride be in total and where is the ride taking place?

It's at Rivington, near

It's at Rivington, near Bolton. Each loop is 23 miles so two will be 46. There's a decent hill on each lap.

The route is here

I suggest parking on Horrobin Lane (PR6 9HE) where it crosses the reservoirs, lots of folks park there at the side of the road to go for a walk or ride the IMUK loop that goes over there too.

It just so happens that I was planning to go over that day for a ride round with some Striders who are in it.smiley

I'm sure some of you would enjoy the local tea room too


Fantastic, we'll see you

Fantastic, we'll see you there Dom (in the coffee shop that is !!)

David Bunyan
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Firefighters Bike ride.

I have just rescued Sunday away from janet so I am now available for the ride so reserve me a place in the van please and or I will take my car and up to three bikes on the Mazda CX7 Sport with a proper good un on the back :a  euroway 3 bike carrier with patented tilt action for easy access to the boot. Regards dave Bunyan.

Fire fighters bike ride

I will try and get out on this as i have no races booked in and need to get the miles in,I am the same as Dave and will take my ASTRA SPORT with drop down seats, no tow bar, tilt lift boot, lights that flash that let people know whichway im going and all singing all dancing cable ties that keep my wheel trims on and external heated window to keep your hands warm whilst pushing          regards Magic.cheeky

Okay so its looking like a

Okay so its looking like a good turn out on Sunday. 


Bunyany is going with Janet & Julie Gummers in Mazda's finest

Chris and Alison are going in their car

Ian Howarth, Lisa and myself (together potentially with Paul Kenny and Kev ) are going in Ian's van

Martin - you may want to speak to Chris about jumping in with him?

Dom is meeting us there.


We are leaving Tameside at 8am with a view to being pedalling by 9am at the latest.

Any changes to this - please let me know

Room for a littlun?

Room for a littlun?

Just a quick note on the

Just a quick note on the weather. The forecast is currently for 2 degrees on Sunday morning. Sheephouse Lane (the big climb) tends to hold the frost and goes up to over 1000 feet. Later on in the route, after the second climb (19 miles) there's a 17% descent that ends with a left hairpin bend!

Unless the forecast improves I think it may be better to go another time sad

David Bunyan
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Very Wise Dominic

I agree with Dominic that it looks like we may have to reschedule this trial run due to the weather.Can I suggest as an alternative that we all meet at my house in Godley and I take you on a mountain bike ride up over Werneth low down to Brabbins Park, up through the woods & then down to marple lakes for a brew then head back for the steep climb up to Werneth golf club and back down green lane to my house. The weather wont stop us doing this?.

Simply keep this option open if plan A fails.


Anyone up for it just let me know as I will be going with Janet.



David Bunyan
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I have just had a chat with

I have just had a chat with Dominic and we have decided not to do the firefighters bike ride in Rivington due to the weather, best to be safe then sorry.We will save it for another day when the weather and conditons are suitable.

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