Dave Bunyan Events 2015.

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David Bunyan
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Dave Bunyan Events 2015.

Hello all. Just in case you want to jump on any of my eventsin 2015 they are:

08/02/2015: Middleton Arena 1 Hour charity swim (Martin Caine sorted this.

15/03/2015: Fire Fighters Duathlon with dominic

21/03/2015: Cumbrian Commotion

19/04/2015:Chirk Triathlon Sprint

16/17 may 2015: Slateman Savage Triathlons Sprint and Olympic.

14/06/2014: Ironman 70.3 Stafford

04/10/2014: Barcelona Ironman.

I will be doing a couple of marathons and half's but not decided on events yet.

Hope to see you on some of them!! Go on you know you want to as I always sing, "As we are only here once I wanna live with you" Oh WO WO !