Cumbrian Commotion 2015

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Cumbrian Commotion 2015

Here's the latest from Sean Stafford

I have entered and paid for 21 people (7 team) (you can settle up with me on the weekend of the event - £150per team).
I haven't named individual teams but I do need to do this before the day. The proposed team as discussed during Brecon Beacons were:
Ant, Steve & Dom
Me, Paul Cane & Dave
Martin Cain, Cole, & Pete B
Ian H, Chris & Breaststroke
Paul K, Howard B & Danny B
Rothy Sarnie & Matt B
Magic, Jimmy & Keith
But NOTHING was absolutely decided. So without wishing to start the whole debate off again they are generally probably okay with the exception I think (without offending either Martin or Jimmy) that Keith should maybe move?
Ideas welcome :-)
Steve is sorting the accommodation. Paul K, Howard and Danny are staying elsewhere so we will be splitting the cost of the cottages between 18 of us.
IT will be a big bill so unlike previous years we will send round Steve's bank details and ask you to settle by the end of this month please. More details to follow.
David Bunyan
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Well done to everyone on

Well done to everyone on Saturday at the Cumbrian Commotion. We are also pleased to report that we got three teams in the top 10 3 man team finishers. The results are now available via the event web site. We did some swapping round this year as a one off to improve the teams in terms of evenly matched teams and potential results which generally worked.  Enough said , well done again especially Declan who smashed it !!

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