CSS results 30 March

Kath was very impressed with everybody who took part in the CSS test last night. Here is some background information and your results, ready for training tomorrow!

CSS Information

For distance swimmers, which of course includes crazy triathletes that like to embark on big challenges, lactate threshold (when you are at the limit of your aerobic capacity) is very important and to improve your lactate threshold, you need to swim at your critical swim speed (CSS) pace or just below it - swimming faster than CSS during sessions that focus on this specifically isn't effective in the long run so its important to use the times - they'll be challenging in any event! The key point will be sustained speed with short recovery times, happy days :-).

Using CSS sets, you'll soon find there's an improvement in the intensity you can work at PLUS it is invaluable for pacing skills. (roll on Wednesday)

I look forward to seeing everyone soon!!!!


CSS Test Results

Name 400m time 200m time CSS
Aidy 7m 18s 3m 32s 1m 53s
Anthony 8m 52s 4m 13s 2m 19s
Chris 7m 33s 3m 42s 1m 55s
Dave 6m 15s 2m 58s 1m 38s
Gail 8m 19s 4m 8s 2m 06s
Greg 6m 17s 2m 57s 1m 40s
Howard 8m 27s 4m 14s 2m 07s
Ian 7m 49s 3m 37s 2m 01s
Janet 8m 21s 4m 10s 2m 06s
Jill 10m 26s 5m 37s 2m 24s
Josie 6m 5s 2m 53s 1m 36s
Julie B 8m 15s 4m 4s 2m 05s
Julie G 8m 21s 4m 7s 2m 06s
Kevin 8m 43s 4m 12s 2m 15s
Lisa 7m 33s 3m 37s 1m 58s
Matt 7m 10s 3m 25s 1m 52s
Paul 8m 23s 4m 14s 2m 07s
Sean O 6m 59s 3m 22s 1m 48s
Sean S 6m 15s 2m 58s 1m 38s