Critical Swim Speed testing

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Critical Swim Speed testing

We are going to attempt to hold a session where we test everyones CSS so that you have a target to reach for the next time we hold a CSS test.

The first one will be on Monday 23rd March hopefully we will be able to get through everyone but if not we may look at doing it the session or week after as well.

By the end of April we are also hoping to hold a Time trial session again to give everyone a target to aim for.

Keep up the good work and as ever any feedback good or bad will be gratefully received and acted upon ASAP.

David Bunyan
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Swimming coaching

I just want to say thanks to Kath and Martin for the swimming coaching you have been running over the last few weeks. Kath the constant technique coaching is great and just what I needed.I am sure the hard work will pay off when we start the season. Martin the sets have been great and building intensity wel done.

Just a general point I think its great to see so many of the club members turn out to the various swimming sesions and I can honestly say that I can see improvement in everyone and I can tell everyone is enjoying the sessions ,particularly the technique sessions on Mondays.

We appreciate your hard work, time and commitment & I am sure the members will keep working hard in the water.

Onwards & upwards!

Thanks again.

 Thanks Dave,everyone is

smiley Thanks Dave,everyone is doing fantastic keep up the good work!!


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