Barcelona Ironman is now full.

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David Bunyan
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Barcelona Ironman is now full.

Hello All,

Paul Cane text me today to tell me that Barcelona Ironman in October 2015 is now full and closed which may come as a surprise as this race was still taking entrants two weeks before the start in 2014. The race is obviously more popular for 2015.

Paul, Cane, lewis Cane and Myself are booked onto the race.I think Rothy is still going to try and get on via Navada, good luck with that.

We wish Lewis all the best for his first Ironman challenge and I look forward to racing with another first timer as I was two years ago in Lanzarote!! just saying.


The race is a long way off but I am already getting giddy about the challenge but lots of hard graft in the pool required for me.