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Active Tameside Tri training

From 5 January 2015 Tri Guru are training in the Active Tameside Tri sessions

You don't have to join Active Tameside to participate in the sessions but they can be booked in advance by Active Tameside members so they may be full when you turn up if you are not a member.


  • Monday at Dukinfield 19:30 - 20:45
  • Wednesday Copley 20:30 - 21:30
  • Friday Copley 19:00 - 20:00


  • Wednesday Copley 18:00 - 20:00

Spin session

  • Tuesday Copley 19:30 - 20:15
  • Thursday Copley 19:30 - 20:15

Core strength

  • Tuesday Copley 20:30 - 21:00
  • Thursday Copley 20:30 - 21:00

The swim sessions will be run by our new coach Kath Thomas supported by Martin Cain and Sean Ofsarnie.
Spin sessions will be run by Active staff but there is the potential for more sessions if there is a demand for it, you can also turn up to any of the other spin sessions.
The core strength sessions will be run by ex Liverpool FC strength and conditioning coach Julian Monk who works for Active Tameside.

Weekend Training

Initially weekend training will be a bike on saturday and run on sunday.

I am hoping that in the long term we will get some consistency with the format, the indoor sessions are a fantastic start and will hopefully be well attended.

The ride on a saturday will be varying routes and distances with some Wheelguru rides to give some top speed work sessions. I would also like to introduce a run off the bike you will be able to leave trainers at copley for this.

It is going to take time to get this up and running especially with differing levels of ability there will be split groups possibly doing similar routes so we all get the most from training but we all meet up at given points for the obligatory coffee stop.

If people would rather do there own thing at a weekend this is fine but please use this forum to advertise it as it may suit others too.

The sunday run can be the Harry Kelly session at Park Bridge or a longer run from Copley, start time 9am. Again if this doesn't suit you post your intentions here for all to consider.

This new venture will only work if we all embrace it and communicate so please use this forum as much as you can

great turn out tonight thanks

great turn out tonight thanks to all that made it hopefully you enjoyed it. This first week is all about Kath getting to know everyone and guaging your experience and then tailoring future sessions to the masses. Please feed back your thoughts on th sessions if you feel they need altering then please let us know.

Core Strength Sessions

The advertised times are wrong for wednesday night this strength session is on Tuesday not Wednesday.

Glad it went well.  I've

Glad it went well.  I've edited the post and changed the strength session to Tuesday (I'll update the other  pages I posted too)

David Bunyan
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Swim set on Monday at Dukinfled.

Hello , Just wanted to say I enjoyed the introduction swim set at Dukinfield. Nice and clean pool, good water and nice and warm !! There is a viewing area for the kids so we plan to take Emily on Mondays so that Me & Janet can both do the set. Hope to see more of the team next week.

Thanks for the feedback Dave,

Thanks for the feedback Dave, hopefully we will continue to get more turning up throughout the week.

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