3 Weeks in and all is well!!

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3 Weeks in and all is well!!

Hi all,


Hope you are all enjoying the new Triguru training regime, feedback upto now has been really positive please keep it coming good or bad.

A session that is being overlooked at th minute is the 6pm run session with Blake, if you are in the gym early on a Wednesday ask for Blake who can give you a treadmill set or can take a group out on the road.

Active are in the process of sorting some bike storage facilties i'll keep you updated.

There is going to be monthly gym challenges starting in February with a 20KM watt bike and 5KM treadmill run, times to be verified by a member of staff and then posted on the gym white board.

Demand for all classes is picking up so please book on all sessions you are planning to attend, as Triguru members you get 8 days prior to the class for booking as opposed to Active members who only get 7.

Swimming sessions on Monay will predominantly be technique sessions, if you have fins, pull buoy, paddles and float bring them with you. Can you also ensure you are on pool side 10 minutes before the start of every session, this will enable us to brief the session whilst making the most of pool time.



David Bunyan
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Wednesday run sessions.

Hi Martin,

Me and Janet are using Wednesday as our rest day so we wont be getting involved in the running.

Bike storage would be great if ths can be aranged.


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